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Abhas Abhinav

Founder | DeepRoot GNU/Linux

About Talk

Let's Simplify Self-Hosting: Its not Impossible

TRACK: Workshop

29 Sep 2022 | Time: 15:15 to 18:30

About Speaker

Abhas is a hacker, entrepreneur and free software activist.
As the founder of DeepRoot GNU/Linux, an twenty-two-year-old Free Software Business that provides support, services and solutions for Free Software deployments. DeepRoot builds mail servers and clusters, provides hosting & support for a variety of Free Software tools and helps organisations of all sizes choose self-hosting for their infrastructure in general.
Abhas also leads a hardware venture called Mostly Harmless, where he experiments with and builds Libre and Liberated Hardware (like hackable mechanical keyboards, liberated computers, home automation solutions and more. The goal is to build and sell hardware put owners in control of their lives by enabling them to run free/libre software on more hardware than usually possible.
Mostly Harmless operates the LibreTech.Shop – India’s first store for hackable and ethical products that offer convenience.
Abhas is a member of the the Free Software Foundation, India working group and has been a participant in the community in India for many years. He advises colleges, govt / defence organisations and start-ups on using, building and adopting free software as a “way of life”.
He shares his thoughts at