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Ban on plastic in Bengaluru


Taking note of the huge quantity of plastic generated in Bengaluru, which results in irreparable environmental damage and health hazard, the forest, ecology and environment secretariat of the govt. of Karnataka issued a notification in March 2018, banning illegal flexes, banners and hoardings among other plastic items.
Therefore flex/plastic banners or branding, as well as disposable plastic items (bags, cups, etc.), are now strictly banned in Bengaluru and will not be allowed during the event.
In cases of non-compliance a penalty will be imposed.
Please consider this new regulation in your preparations of the show. Note that the exhibitor will be solely responsible for their booths and hence, we suggest that you communicate this to your stand builders, onsite staff etc. to ensure adherence to the rule.
You may refer to the below documents for further information:

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