Tools and Techniques to Dive Into Mathematics of Machine Learning

In order to build an accurate model for a machine learning problem, one needs better insights into the mathematics behind these models. For folks who are primarily focused on the programming aspects of machine learning initiatives, this workshop will bring up an opportunity to:
1. Regain a bit of mathematical context into some of the models and algorithms frequently used
2. Learn about a few open source tools that will come in handy in performing deeper mathematical analysis of machine learning algorithms

* Who can attend this workshop?

Developers and Technical Managers

* What all will be covered in the workshop?
We will bring up three illustrative problems in Machine learning that will be solved using logistic regression, Gaussian Discriminant Analysis and Support Vector Machines respectively.
We will use NumPy, SciPy and Octave as the tools to solve equations and visualize the data involved in building the models in the above examples.

* Benefits/Takeaways for the attendees
A gentle exploration of mathematical aspects of machine learning using powerful open source tools. This will encourage attendees to further dive into the mathematics of machine learning and thereby build better machine learning models. Attendees will take away a bunch of programs and data to experiment with a few machine learning algorithms in their spare time.

* Pre-requisites to attend the workshop
Attendees need not have to be well versed with mathematical jargon. We will bring you up to speed with intuitive explanation and graphical representation of data wherever feasible.

Speaker/Instructor Profile:
Monojit Basu is the Founder and Director of TechYugadi IT Solutions & Consulting, Bangalore. This company is engaged in technical enablement in Cloud Computing, Analytics and new software architectures and consulting services for open source software. Before setting up this company, Monojit worked in Senior Product Manager and Technical Architect roles in various software product companies including Sun Microsystems, webMethods, IBM. Monojit has played a key role in development as well as in customer success of many innovative enterprise software platforms, including highly available J2EE application server, SOA platform, Application Life Cycle Management platform and Big Data technology platform. He has been a speaker at conferences and events in India, China and the US, including JavaOne, IBM Innovate, and NASSCOM-IIMB workshop. Monojit is also a Cloudera-certified Hadoop developer.

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