HP Helion OpenStack Technical Overview

Speaker: Srinivasa Acharya

Date: 8th November 2014

Time: 03:15 PM to 6:30 PM

Venu: Workshop Room 1

Fee: Rs. 1250/-

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This session will provide a quick overview of the HP Helion product portfolio, and where the OpenStack piece fits.  This will be followed by an in-depth walkthrough of the HP Helion OpenStack Community Edition distribution that is currently available – including a demonstration of installing the product and tips and tricks.  Attendees will get answers to questions such as:  What is Helion?  What is OpenStack and what is unique about HP’s distribution? And how can I install and test it?

Who Should Attend

Developers, IT Pros


Come join Srinivasa Acharya, Engineering Manager, HP Cloud, as he presents a technical workshop on HP Helion OpenStack Community Edition – covering an overview of the Helion product portfolio, followed by in-depth technical walkthroughs and demonstrations of the freely available HP Helion OpenStack Community Edition distribution.

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