Hacking, Security and Hardening Overview for Developers – on the Linux OS and systems applications

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The phenomenal rise in technology, and especially, software-driven products (domains like networking, telecom, embedded-automotive, infotainment, and especially now IoT, ML, AI) begs for better security on end-products. Hackers currently have a field day!! and are only getting better at it, while product developers lag behind. Not a good thing.

This presentation is geared towards helping participants understand where software vulnerabilities exist, while programming and after; OS hardening techniques; what tools and methodologies help prevent and mitigate security issues.

Essentially, it serves to “wake up” IT/dev folks to the reality regarding the (pathetic) state of security, and how it can be addressed during the product life-cycle.

* Who can attend this workshop?

Any IT professional will benefit from this. It will really benefit folks with exposure to systems programming / OS developers (knowledge of basic ‘C’/C++, OS basics)

* What all will be covered in the workshop?
The workshop essentially consists of 3 parts:
– Part 1 : Security/Hacking Intro
– Part 2 : Technical: deep dive into software vulnerabilities, their root causes
– Part 3 : Technical: Modern OS Hardening Countermeasures (esp Linux)

Areas it covers:
Part 1
– Terminology
– Current State of Security

Part 2
– Tech Prelim: the process stack
– BOF Vulnerabilities
– Demo of a BOF on an ARM VM

Part 3
– Modern OS Hardening Countermeasures
– state of Linux OS in particular

– Q&A

* Benefits/Takeaways for the attendees:
– Eye opener to the need to design and implement software with security in mind
– Current state of security, esp wrt the Linux ecosystem
– Current technical tools to make use of during product dev
– Linux OS – hardening countermeasures available

Target audience:
IT managers & heads, Software developers, IT Directors

Speaker/Instructor Profile:

I am a regular guy who loves Linux, running and reading. I have worked on, and continue to work, on both closed-commercial and opensource projects – from small embedded Linux boards to server-class systems. My speciality area tends to be Linux kernel internals. I have and do work on related areas – core kernel, security, (some types of) device drivers, embedded Linux, systems programming on Linux with ‘C’. Am also quite proficient at shell scripting with bash (and related utils). I’m a professional trainer on Linux technologies – been doing this, along with projects, for close to two decades now. http://www.linkedin.com/in/kaiwanbillimoria, http://web.kaiwantech.com/services/linux-corporate-training

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