Cross Platform Application Development : Consumer & Enterprise Application

Speaker: Dibya Prakash | ECDZone, India

Date: 8th November 2014

Time: 10:45 to 14:00

Venue: Workshop Room 1

Fee: Rs. 1250/-


1. Workshop Title with Overview –
A hybrid approach to developing cross platform mobile business applications that combines using open source technologies.
The phenomenal growth of mobile devices has opened up avenues for organizations to integrate them into the mainstream computing environment. Today’s mobile applications deliver complex functionality on platforms that have limited resources for computing. Yet, unlike the PC-based environment, the mobile environment comprises a plethora of devices with diverse hardware and software configurations and communication intricacies. This diversity in mobile computing environments presents unique challenges in application development, quality assurance, and deployment, requiring unique testing strategies.
2. Course Objectives –
The objective of the course is to have the participants get started with cross platform application development. The environment could be for both consumer driven as well as enterprise driven apps.
3. Course Contents –
– Cross platform mobile application development – Hybrid and Mobile Web Application
Overview of:
– Cross platform app development – introduction
– Different platforms available
– Apache Cordova
– Development fundamentals
– Using phone features
– Java_script nuisances
– Porting across different platforms
– Intuitive UI/UX for cross platform mobile apps
– Unique Challenges in cross platform apps
4. Benefits/Takeaways / Workshop Motivation –
– Participants would get to know intricate nuisance of cross platform apps
– Know the tools you can start working with
– Know the process you can start working with in order to achieve desired UI/UX results in cross platform apps
– Membership to cross platform development groups in Linkedin and Facebook
5. Who Should Attend –
– Anyone who is interested in knowing how cross platform mobile app development works
– Developers
– Development Lead
– Manager
– Enthusiasts
6. Pre-requisite – 
Basic Understanding of mobile apps
7. Delivery Method –
Interactive & case studies driven.

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