Building Hackable Keyboards with Open Source Hardware and Software

Objective of the workshop

Building your own hackable keyboard involves working at two levels: hardware and then software. This workshop will walk participants through the process of building a mechanical keyboard on their own and flashing it with an open source firmware to make the most out of it.

Along the way, we will learn about the nuances of building mechanical keyboard – hand-wiring techniques, switches, PCBs, cases, keycaps and more. We will also understand how firmware impacts the functionality of the keyboard, what you can do with your keyboard and how you can program it to do a wide variety of things that you probably didn’t think were possible.

We will explore how the concepts of open source hardware and software impact the possibilities of what sort of keyboards can be created and what they can do.

At the same time, we will also understand the browader benefits and advantages of mechanical keyboards — especially those which are hackable.

Who can attend this workshop?

Anyone interested in keyboards, Do-it-Yourself electronics and open source hardware / software / firmware.

What all will be covered in the workshop?

Hands-on demo of multiple types of open source mechanical keyboards and assorted keyboard parts

An overview of the techniques of assembling and programming keyboards

Benefits/Takeaways for the attendees

Clear pointers to how attendees can get started with building their own keyboards,

Benefits of having programmable keyboards,
A first-hand look at the internals of keyboards and various keyboard parts

Pre-requisites to attend the workshop

Good exposure to and daily use of Free / Open Source Software and GNU/Linux + some experience with programming + curiosity

About Speaker:

Abhas Abhinav is a hacker and entrepreneur who firmly believes in the principles of Free Software. He leads DeepRoot Linux, a Free Software Business he founded in 2000, as the hacker-in-charge. He is also, most recently, the founder of Mostly Harmless – a new take on building a business around Free Software and Hardware while solving problems that are usually thought to be somebody else’s.
Abhas is extremely passionate about creating, using and extending technology that one can control and customize. This includes self-hosted IT infrastructure, open source cloud services and open source firmware in commodity / custom hardware. He is very sensitive to privacy issues and generally suspicious about technology he can not control.
Abhas is a member of the Free Software Foundation of India and has tried to champion the cause of Free Software at multiple levels. He loves working with students and faculty members in colleges to find new ways of engaging them with Free / Open Source Software.

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