Cloud In a Day

Cloud in a day

Speaker: K B Shiv Kumar | Co-Founder and CTO | IndiQus Technologies Pvt Ltd

Date: 20th November 2015

Time: 10:45 AM to 1:45 PM

Venue: Workshop Room 3

Fee: Rs. 1250/-

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Build A Cloud In 4 Hours With Apache CloudStack

Course Objectives:

Familiarize participants with Apache CloudStack and its internals. Make them feel comfortable in CloudStack and get them interested and confident enough to dabble with CloudStack on their own.

Cloud Overview:

* Virtualization Overview
* Compute, Storage and Network
* Using VirtualBox to simulate machines
* Creating machines and networks
* Intro to XenServer
* Installation of XenServer
* Configure XenServer using XenCenter
* Intro to Apache CloudStack
* Install Apache CloudStack
* Configure CloudStack
* Login to the GUI
* Configure Zones, Pods, Clusters, Hosts, Primary and Secondary Storage
* Upload an ISO
* Create your first VM
* Create your second VM
* Configure firewall and load balancer rules.
* Check your VM on the cloud
* Community resources and links.

* Q & A

Benefits/ Takeaways

It will introduce you to the exciting world of Cloud and Apache CloudStack. Understand the simplicity of the product. Walk away with a confidence level to start tinkering by yourself – the true and only way to become a great open source developer.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who wants to have hands-on knowledge about the cloud and Apache CloudStack.
An alternative perspective to OpenStack, vCloud


* Comfortable working in the Linux environment and command line.
* vi commands
* Basic networking knowledge
* Laptop with at least 4GB RAM, (8 Better) running CentOS/RHEL if the participants wish to try.

Delivery Method

Complete deployment of above mentioned course contents from scratch from instructor’s laptop.


3 to 4 hours

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