Inviting experts to speak @ OSI 2020…

Speak at Open Source India

Happy to share that after we finalised our 6 conference tracks, we’ve been able to announce the Call for Papers for the forthcoming edition of Open Source India…

We’ve been truly blessed. A lot of our past speakers have already confirmed their interest towards sharing latest updates on their areas of expertise. But, it’s important to provide opportunities to new experts & community leaders to share their thoughts, best practices through an event–to ensure that it keeps evolving with times.

Based on past feedback, we have also improved the online submission process for our speakers and their proposed talks. Hence, if you’re interested to propose a talk, here’s what’s NEW…

  1. Decide which track & audience you want to address: We have released the details of the tracks, their target audiences and the take-away they can expect from each. {CLICK HERE to view the Tracks}
  2. Register yourself as a Speaker: We’ve created a simple form for you to register yourself. If you’ve spoken at a recent edition of OSI (2018 or 2019), then you need not fill this form, as we have your details. {CLICK HERE to register}
  3. Submit your proposed talks: We’ve created a separate form so that you can even submit multiple talks without having to feed in your contact details again and again. {CLICK HERE to submit your talk}
  4. Reduce Rejection: We’ve designed the ‘Propose your Talk’ form such that all talks submitted align with the Tracks and their Target Audiences–hence reducing chances of talks being submitted that we don’t know where to place.

For any further doubts or queries, you can always write to us at [email protected].

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