Microservices Architecture with Open Source Framework

This workshop is designed for developers, architect, engineering managers. The objective of the workshop is to discuss the high-level implementation of Microservices architecture using Spring Boot and JavaScript (NodeJS) stack. We would also discuss API Gateway, Service Registry and scaling nature for Microservices Architecture. Another important component would be to discuss the strategy, how to migrate from traditional to microservices architecture.* Who can attend this workshop?

– Developers
– Architect
– Engineering Managers
– QA

* What all will be covered in the workshop?

– Microservices Architecture
– Implement Microservices with Spring Boot
– Implement Microservices with NodeJS
– API Gateway
– Service Registry
– Microservices with Cloud
– Migration strategy

* Speaker/Instructor

Dibya Prakash, ECD Zone

Dibya is a technology consultant, mentor & strategist. With a deep experience of working across the ladder in the services and consulting sector, with roles ranging from enterprise consultant to technology head. Dibya consults several CMM5 & Fortune 100/500 companies across different countries, for their different technology, engineering & process requirements.
Dibya has been using collaborative implementation model, uses lean technologies & processes for better technical and business process management. An advocate of open source & futuristic technologies, Dibya supports community projects, helps organization/business units adopt open source technologies for their product or service needs. He sits in the advisory board of a few start-ups working on niche products and technologies.

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