Reasons to attend OSI ’13 — convince your HoD!

1. Highly technical sessions from the industry’s best

  • Get a chance to listen to speakers at Open Source India 2013 that include the top notches of the industry, esteemed open source contributors and innovators driven by a passion to deliver the best in the open source ecosystem.
  • Get real, live information and an insight into the the latest cutting-edge technologies from the folks who contribute, implement and improvise on the same.
  • Soak in the vibrant energy and the drive from the pros- learn how to cash in on your latent skills!
  • Get an opportunity to develop a more diverse skill set for your workplace.


2. Amazing Networking Benefits


  • Open Source India 2013 provides the unique opportunity to connect with the best in the industry, exchange innovative ideas and establish beneficial relationships with over 2500 new customers, vendors and professionals in the open source domain.
  • You get a chance to have a know-how about what’s hot in open source tools arena, technologies and customer requirements.
  • Get to discover newer ideas for your team and bring more productivity in the workplace!


3. Team Building was never this cool!


  • This conference shows you how open source technology can enhance your team building experience and provides an excellent exposure for your team to work in a more efficient manner.
  • Team members get a chance to discuss newer technologies and tools with the best in the industry.


  • Get exposure to discussions on how to apply them back in the company to improve your products, performance and results.



4. Get your hands-on the latest technologies

Want to give a boost to your technological know-how? Open Source India 2013 is the place to be.. Attend workshops, learn about Android application development, HTML5, MySQL performance tuning, and much more.

Don’t just dream — be a do’er and learn to get those dreams come alive!

This is one event which pays for itself!

If this isn’t enough, we are giving bulk discounts to the those who convince their manager. If you have, contact us – ‘cuz you earned it!




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