Design, Deploy and Manage APIs using WSO2 API Management Platform

Speaker: Monojit Basu || Founder and Director || TechYugadi IT Solutions & Consulting, Bangalore.

Date: 20th November 2015

Time: 10:45 AM to 1:45 PM

Venue: Workshop Room 2

Fee: Rs. 1250/-
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API is the new lingo of business development. A successful API strategy requires planning  around usage scenarios, user profiles and ecosystems that your APIs are intended for. It also relies on a sound technology platform for reliable deployment and management of APIs. This workshop will bring together the strategic and technical domains of API design, and use the WSO2 API Management Platform to make concepts and best practices more tangible.

Course Objectives:
The WSO2 API Management Platform is 100% Open Source and enterprise-grade. It comes with a full gamut of features required for secure and highly scalable API deployment.

Course Contents:
In the workshop, we will take up a scenario of an IT department of a chain of hotels and resorts. Suppose, as the CIO, you would like to expose APIs for
a) travel co-ordinators to seek information about your hotels and reserve rooms directly from their web-sites
b) price-comparison apps to discover and display your tariffs

We will actually build a few APIs for the hotel chain right there in our workshop. We will emphasize upon the best practices of making your APIs discoverable, secure, composable, and consumable.

Then we will shift gears and deploy these APIs on a pre-installed WSO2 API Management platform with all its components – including OAuth and Business Activity Monitoring components.

Emphasis will be given to:
1. API Traffic Management: Hands-on illustration on how to scale-up for higher throughput, and achieve rate-limiting / throttling when necessary
2. API Security: Use industry standard OAuth2 protocol for token-based access. Implement access control policies for partners and customers
3. API Monitoring and Analytics: Monitor performance and compliance with SLAs. Track consumption per API
4. Use swagger to document and publish your APIs in consumer-friendly manner

Benefits/ Takeaways
In quick time, you get to know the pieces of the puzzle in designing and deploying APIs for external consumers.
You get to work on an enterprise-quality API management platform with guidance.
At the start of the workshop you get a VM with required software components fully installed, and the above sample app for the travel industry bundled with it. You can take it home for further experimentation.

Who Should Attend
Developers, IT Managers, Architects

i. A laptop with at least 4GB RAM and preferably VirtualBox pre-installed (so you can jump straight in)
ii. Familiarity with Linux environment
iii. Some programming experience

Delivery Method
Complete deployment of above mentioned course contents from scratch from instructor’s laptop.


3 to 4 hours

About the Speaker:
Monojit Basu is the Founder and Director of TechYugadi IT Solutions & Consulting, Bangalore. This company is engaged in technical enablement in Cloud Computing, Analytics and new software architectures and consulting services for open source software. Before setting up this company, Monojit worked in Senior Product Manager and Technical Architect roles in various software product companies including Sun Microsystems, webMethods, IBM. Monojit has played a key role in development as well as in customer success of many innovative enterprise software platforms, including highly available J2EE application server, SOA platform, Application Life Cycle Management platform and Big Data technology platform. He has been a speaker at conferences and events in India, China and the US, including JavaOne, IBM Innovate, and NASSCOM-IIMB workshop.

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