Ansible Automation (Hands On)

The workshop is for those having basic linux knowledge and have interest in Linux System Administration. It will cover introduction and Advantages & Features of Ansible. Ansible and Cloud automation use cases, Writing Playbooks, Solve Customer Complex Problems using Ansible Tower. The key takeaway will be how to automate infrastructure using Ansible.Speaker: Manoj, Sohail, Varsha | Ansible Consultants for Prodevans
Date: 14th October 2017
Time: 11:15 AM to 01:30 PM
Venue: Workshop Room 4Fee: Rs. 1750/-
* Objective of the workshop
To perform configuration using Ansible

* Who can attend this workshop?
Having basic linux knowledge / Linux System Administrators can attend this session.

* What all will be covered in the workshop?
-Introduction / Advantages & Features of Ansible
-Ansible and Cloud automation use cases
-Writing Playbooks
-Solve Customer Complex Problems using Ansible Tower

* Benefits/Takeaways for the attendees
-How to automate infrastructure using ansible

* Pre-requisites to attend the workshop
Having basic linux knowledge can attend this session.


Manoj, Sohail, Varsha
The team is the Ansible Consultants for Prodevans and RHCI (Red Hat Certified Instructors) for COSS, having experience in DevOps Automation by using Ansible. The Team has worked on many critical projects internationally.

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