Silver Level Track

Below are the tracks that you can attend after registering for Silver Pass

Silver Pass: Rs 1000/- (First 500 passes are free) [button url=”” style=”black”] Register Now [/button]

You get access to following tracks (first-come-first-serve basis):

* FOSS for Everyone (Day 1)
* IT Management: Cloud and IT Infrastructure Day (Day 2)
* Database Day (Day 3)
* OpenStack Mini Conf (Day 1)


12 thoughts on “Silver Level Track”

    1. You need to Buy/Upgrade PASS. If you qualify for Free pass then you wont be asked to pay anything. You need to check this in My Account section.

  1. V R Murthy Korimilli


    I have upgraded my pass to free Silver Pass. But i didn’t receive any mails regarding this. So how do i identify myself as Silver Pass attendee at the venue? Do i need to re-register there again to get the ID card or something?

    Please clarify.

    Thanks in advance.

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