Uma Mukkara

Designation: Co-Founder and COO at OpenEBS / CloudByte

Topic: Deliver Storage for Containers using Containers
Track: Container Day
Time: 12:00 – 12:30 PM
Date: 14th October 2017
Hall: 2

About Speaker:
Uma Mukkara is a co-founder and COO at OpenEBS / CloudByte. At CloudByte, he has built an enterprise grade software defined storage stack for the service providers and enterprises and led associated innovations. He is now actively driving the OpenEBS project which is the Container Native Storage for stateful applications running in container environments.

About Talk:
Managing storage for stateful applications running in containers is a big channel today. Legacy storage technologies help to some extent by hard wiring the configuration of storage with orchestration systems, but they are not purpose built for container environment. OpenEBS is an open source project which provides a container native storage platform that automates most of the storage needs of a DevOps developer while building the applications. In this talk, the author will discuss the challenges around storage in containers, various approaches being followed today and introduce OpenEBS to the audience.

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