Siji Sunny

Designation: Director, Mobile Embedded Labs Private Limited

Topic: A deep dive into OpenSource Middleware tools for building IoT applications
Track: Open Source in IoT
Time: 05:30 – 06:00 PM
Date: 14th October 2017
Hall: 2

About Speaker:
An Entrepreneur, Researcher and OpenSource enthusiast,been developing software and doing research for in various domains:Operating Systems & System programming, Embedded & Mobile computing,text processing & language computing, Wireless and LowPower Wireless Networking.

About Talk:
This session will start with an overview of IoT hardware’s and their various interfaces (Hardware interfaces and protocols) to interact with other IoT elements through the IoT Middle-ware.
Moving further, I will be covering various open source IoT Middleware’s that establish the communication between various IoT elements and to the back-end cloud for the evaluation and management purpose.
This session will cover the flexible configuration and deployment mechanism of IoT elements, various protocol support and implementation methods and generating and processing various business or applications events.

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