Rajesh Sola

Designation: Education Specialist, KPIT Technologies Ltd

Topic: Open Source Softwares for IOT Gateway Design and Edge Computing
Track: Open Source in IoT
Time: 11:45 – 12:30 PM
Date: 14th October 2017
Hall: 3

About Speaker:
Rajesh is a Education Specialist in the Corporate Academy at KPIT and working as a faculty in Education and Competency Development(ECoDE) team.He has 10+ years of experience in Embedded Systems,IOT domain with wide span of industry & academia associations,worked for CDAC’s Training School(ACTS), NBKRIST and Sasken and keen on tecnical evangelism in passionate domains.
He is the guest author for EFY Group’s Open Source For You Magazine,published few articles on IOT Protocols, Platforms,Prototyping,Snappy core,Cross Compiling Linux Kernel,Android USB,GNU tools etc in recent years.He was the speaker for open source events like [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],Open Source [email protected],[email protected] has expertise and interested in areas like Linux internals,Kernel programming & Device drivers,RTOS,Embedded Linux,Qt programming for Desktop and embedded applications,IOT gateway design,IOT platforms & conenctivity protocols.He loves teaching & open source,keen on FOSS adoption among the community and keep exploring emerging technologies and open source trends in core domains these days

About Talk:
Gateways play significant role in IOT architecture for protocol bridging,downgrading data volume with edge computing capabilities and added security support.This talk aims at covering
1.Significance of gateway design,edge computing and analytics in an IOT architecture.
2.Integration scenarios
a) Local vs Global connectivity
b) IP vs non IP networks
c) M2M networks with IOT platforms (OT/IT)
3.Gateway Design options – Language of Programming, Protocol support and other features
a) Eclipse Kura
b) Node-RED
c) ThingsBoard
4.Edge Computing options
a) InfluxData TICK stack
b) Apache Edgent
5.Ubuntu Snappy for universal secure packaging (as time permits)

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