Pavan Deolasee

Designation: PostgreSQL Consultant, 2ndQuadrant INDIA Pvt. Ltd

Topic: PostgreSQL: Past, Present, and Future
Track: Database Day
Time: 11:15 – 11:45 AM
Hall: 3

About Speaker:
Pavan Deolasee has been associated with PostgreSQL since 2006. He is known for his work on Heap-Only-Tuple (HOT) project and has contributed many patches to PostgreSQL. He is a major contributor to Postgres-XC and Postgres-XL projects. He works for 2ndQuadrant Ltd.

About Talk:
In this talk, we shall look at the history of PostgreSQL development, significant features added in the last few years, the current status of the project and what we expect in the next few years. The talk will focus on the product features, but will also discuss how PostgreSQL community has evolved over the last few years.

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