Nishant Sahay

Designation: Senior Architect at Wipro Technologies

Topic: Selecting tools to build digital transformation
Track: Application Development Day
Time: 01:15 – 01:45 PM
Hall: 2

About Speaker:
Nishant Sahay is a senior architect at Wipro Technologies with extensive experience in data analysis, design and visualization. Nishant works at the Open Source COE lab at Wipro, where he is responsible for research and solution development in the area of machine learning and deep learning. He has written articles on technology in online forums and presented at multiple open source conferences and platforms.

About Talk:
Managing application and services in large-scale deployments are fraught with many unique challenges for enterprise IT. Effective monitoring implementations requires deep visibility into production applications health and availability. Application logs, server metrics, distributed tracing, RCA and anomaly detection are some of the key metrics which will enable the enterprises to manage their applications better.
In this session we would like to explain how to harness the power of Beats & Logstash, combined with the intelligence of Elastic Search ecosystem along with the flexibility of Kibana to architect an Application Performance Management and Predictive Monitoring Solution .You will learn how to use this awesome open source stack to collect log &metric data, cleanse and ingest it, and run a range of analytics and math functions on the data for exploration and visualization.

Key points of discussion:
– Brief introduction of BELK stack & its advantages
– Reference Architecture & best practices for BELK stack
– How BELK aids in Route Cause Analysis (RCA) of System/application failures
– How BELK can aid in predictive monitoring

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