Open Source India 2014: 9 Tracks, 40+ Speakers and 7 Workshops

BANGALORE, October 31, 2014

Calling all open source enthusiasts for Asia’s biggest convention on open source technology, Open Source India 2014. Fondly known as OSI Days, the biggest event on open source technology is just round the corner. It is scheduled to happen on 7-8 November 2014, at the NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru.

Aiming to bridge the gap between the industry and the community, Open Source India 2014 has a lot to offer. The two-day event includes nine tracks on topics ranging from Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Cloud Day, IT Infrastructure Day, FOSS For Everyone, Kernel Day, Database Day, IT Implementation Success Stories and OpenStack Mini Conference. Taking open source technology to the users’ level, there are seven hands-on workshops being organised for the niche audience of IT managers and developers. Here are the workshops that you can attend at OSI 2014:

1. Drupal In A Day

2. MySQL Performance Tuning

3. HP Helion OpenStack Technical Overview

4. Programming OpenStack – An Application Development Tutorial Using the HP Development Platform (based on CloudFoundry)

5. BigData (what, why, how)

6. Cross Platform Mobile Application Development : Consumer & Enterprise Application

7. Software Architecture in 90 Minutes – A Blazing Fast Bullet-train Ride to the World of Architecture

All of this is going to be handled by over 40 expert speakers from the industry and the community. It doesn’t end there. Here’s more! IT giant Wipro, which is looking to hire 10,000 open source professionals in India, will be there for its recruitment drive at Open Source India 2014. Yet another attraction of the show will be the HP Helion’s developer challenge, where all attendees can participate.

Open source enthusiasts often wonder on how is Microsoft related to open source technology. Well, be at Open Source India to get your answer. Microsoft is arranging a special hands-on event on how it interoperates with open source software, a session which is must-attend for people working on interoperability.

Rahul Chopra, editor, Open Source For You, shared, “Open Source India 2014 attempts to provide an apt platform to facilitate the much-needed discussion between the community and the industry. Industry giants from companies like HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Huawei Technologies, Dell and Zimbra will be present at the event to share about the latest and greatest in the world of open source technology. We are also introducing a full track of IT implementation success stories where the CIOs and IT heads will talk about their successful open source technology deployments in their companies and how have they benefited from that. The idea is to clear the doubts in the minds of those who think that their businesses could be at risk if they resorted to open source technology. Going by the adage that seeing is believing, we think that these practical examples will help more and more companies to contemplate open source technology as a strong business model.”

Impressed? Register yourself for the event today and enjoy the best of the technology world. Click here to register:

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