Open Source India 2012 Kick-Starts In Bengaluru!

Open Source India 2012, the 9th edition of Asia’s mega open source conference, opened to a great start. The opening keynote address was presented by Dr Pramod K Varma, chief architect and technology advisor to Unique Identification Authority of India on ‘Open Source and Commodity Computing in Government – Aadhaar (UID) Experience’.

“OSI Days have become the leading open source event in India and it is great to see such participation and enthusiasm from the community. We in India have become a huge consumer of open source projects and it is high time that we also turn into a dominant contributor to the open source movement,” says Dr Pramod K Varma.

The first day at Open Source India featured a lot of interesting sessions and workshops. Talks on Android, Cloud and innovative applications ruled the day, along with workshops on game development, performance tuning MySQL, Aura Project, PostgreSQL Databases and OpenLDAP.

To give you an insight into the sessions, the event runs multiple sessions conducted at the same time in different tracks. At the venue, all the attendees can find schedule details at the registration stall, and for more convenience, calendars will also be placed all over place at the conference.

You also have a chance to stay tuned with the happenings through live streaming on Twitter and Facebook.

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