Get Hands-on Training of Latest Technologies at Open Source India 2014

BANGALORE, November 4, 2014
Get Yourself Trained on the Latest Cloud, Big Data, Mobile and Database Technologies at OSI Days 2014

If you are looking to get a hang of some of the latest and popular technologies, Open Source India 2014 is the place to be. Ranging from cloud to programming OpenStack to Drupal, you can get trained on some of the best and widely used latest technologies under one roof. The 11th edition of Open Source India is scheduled to happen on 7-8 November 2014, at the NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru.

As many as seven workshops are being organised by the industry experts, with an aim of providing a detailed know-how of the modern-day technologies. HP Helion, one of the major partners of the event, will take the audience through some of the most happening cloud technologies. Srinivasa Acharya, engineering manager, HP Cloud, will conduct a workshop on ‘HP Helion OpenStack Technical Overview’. This session will provide a quick overview of the HP Helion product portfolio, and where the OpenStack piece fits. This will be followed by an in-depth walkthrough of the HP Helion OpenStack Community Edition distribution that is currently available – including a demonstration of installing the product and tips and tricks. Attendees will get answers to questions such as: What is Helion? What is OpenStack and what is unique about HP’s distribution? And how can I install and test it?

Yet another impressive workshop for those looking to get a hang of OpenStack programming will be ‘Programming OpenStack – An Application Development Tutorial Using the HP Development Platform (based on CloudFoundry)’. To be conducted by Rajeev Pandey, distinguished technologist, HP Cloud, the workshop will focus on “different ways to develop and deploy applications to the cloud via the HP Helion OpenStack environment. Attendees will get a chance to explore programmatic mechanisms to interact with OpenStack infrastructure for existing application migration, and then move on to new application development using Open Source programming language SDKs for languages like Python, PHP and Java.”

Big Data and mobile are the two biggest trends driving the IT world today. Keeping pace with the trend, OSI Days 2014 will have workshops of topics like ‘Big Data (what, why, how)’ and ‘Cross Platform Mobile Application Development: Consumer & Enterprise Application’. The workshop on mobile application development will focus on a hybrid approach to developing cross platform mobile business applications that combines using open source technologies.

The phenomenal growth of mobile devices has opened up avenues for organisations to integrate them into the mainstream computing environment. Today’s mobile applications deliver complex functionality on platforms that have limited resources for computing. Yet, unlike the PC-based environment, the mobile environment comprises a plethora of devices with diverse hardware and software configurations and communication intricacies. This diversity in mobile computing environments presents unique challenges in application development, quality assurance, and deployment, requiring unique testing strategies.

Database is yet another area being thoroughly touched upon at Open Source India 2014 with a workshop on ‘MySQL Performance Tuning’. To be conducted by Ronen Baram, MySQL sales consultant and Nitin Mehta, MySQL sales consultant, the workshop will provide an overview on updated and best practices of MySQL performance tuning utilising new technology of MySQL 5.6. In addition, Aveekshith Bhushan and Ranga Sarvabhouman (solution architecture, MongoDB), will conduct a workshop on ‘in-depth look architecting and building solutions using MongoDB’.

That’s not all! You will get an opportunity to learn the best of Drupal 7 and the intricacies of software architecture at Open Source India this year.

Speaking about the workshops at OSI Days 2014, Rahul Chopra, editor, Open Source For You, said, “We believe that a practical hands-on session adds to the knowledge being imparted by the talks. Hence, the workshops will prove beneficial for those planning to venture in those technologies or willing to take their knowledge to another level. What is even better is that these workshops are being conducted by industry experts, which will add to the employability of the attendees.”

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